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SciShow Kids

SciShow Kids
  • Fun in the Sun! | SciShow Kids Compilation

    It’s a sunny day at The Fort, so Squeaks and Mr. Brown are watching videos from the past to remind themselves of all the fun experiments they can do when it’s sunny outside!

  • Not-So-Creepy Creatures | SciShow Kids Compilation

    In the spirit of Halloween, Anthony and Squeaks are playing Guess That Animal with some creepy creatures to remember how cool they really are.

  • Let's Explore Caves!

    Squeaks, Jessi and Anthony are spending a bunch of time learning all about the wonders of caves in this compilation video!

  • Can You Guess the Cold-Weather Animal? | SciShow Kids Compilation

    With winter in full swing, Jessi and Squeaks are snowed in for the day and passing the time with their favorite game: Guess That Animal!

  • Squeak's First Flight!

    Jessi and Anthony have been helping Squeaks learn all about flying before his big airplane ride to the robot museum so he isn’t so nervous! Here’s everything they learned together!

  • Your Most Epic Questions Answered! | SciShow Kids Compilation

    Why is the sky blue? Why is fire hot? Sometimes we have big, important questions about things in our world that we see, feel, or think about every day. Those are epic questions! Mister Brown and Squeaks teamed up to come up with some of these epic questions and to find some answers!

  • Turtle Travel Tips: How Magnets Can Help Us Navigate

    When people travel a long distance, they'll usually use a map. But there are lots of animals that travel really long distances, too, and they can't use maps... so how do they not get lost? Our friend Dr. Turtleman calls in to explain!

  • How Compost Is Made: A Field Trip!

    Composting is a way to turn scraps of food you aren't going to eat anymore into healthy soil for your garden! But how does food turn in to dirt?! Mister Brown and Squeaks take a trip to SoilCycle, a place that makes compost in their neighborhood, to talk to their friend Caitlyn and find out how c...

  • Valentine's Day at the Fort! | SciShow Kids Compilation

    Jessi and Squeaks are making special valentines for all of their friends! And while they’re working they’re watching older videos to help them remember how they can make the best gifts!

  • What's It Like to Live Underground?

    Jessi has a cool pair of gardening gloves, which makes her wonder, what special tools do animals have for living underground?

  • Why Does Cooking Eggs Make Them Hard?

    Jessi and Squeaks grab a snack and learn all about why boiling eggs makes them hard!

  • How Plant Seeds Travel the World

    All plants start as seeds, and they can travel all over the world in lots of different ways. They might even hitch a ride on you!

  • Flowers and Their Pollinators: A Perfect Match!

    Mister Brown and Squeaks take a look at some flowers and their pollinators, and learn about special structures that help them work together perfectly!

  • Why Are Flamingos Pink?

    Mister Brown and Squeaks learn all about the awesome flamingo - and find out what makes them pink!

  • Why Are Foods Many Colors?

    Jessi helps Squeaks learn about why foods can be so many tasty-looking colors!

  • How Do Bats See with Sound?

    Squeaks and Mister Brown learn all about echolocation, and how animals use it to sense things!

  • Why Do Animals Have Whiskers?

    Squeaks and Mister Brown are learning about senses! Did you know that animals that have whiskers can use them to sense things?

  • How Do Snakes Smell With Their Tongues?

    Mister Brown and Squeaks learn all about why snakes stick out their tongues! Did you know that their tongues actually help snakes smell?

  • What's Inside a Pinecone?

    Jessi and Squeaks learn all about pine cones and their seeds today! Did you know that pine cones can open and close to help protect their seeds?

  • Why Don’t Fish Freeze in Winter?

    Squeaks wants to know what happens to fish when the seasons change and the pond freezes in winter! He and Jessi learn all about how fish survive under the ice because of their body temperature, and also what other animals, like birds and turtles, do to survive when it's cold outside!

  • Stupendous Squirrel Storage!

    Did you ever wonder how some squirrels find food in the cold winter? Mister Brown and Squeaks learn all about it this week as they discover a squirrel midden on their hike!

  • How Do Insect Eyes Work?

    Jessi and Squeaks learn all about how dragonflies see - did you know they have thousands of eyes?!

  • Where Does Sand Come From and More Viewer Questions

    Jessi and Squeaks decide to answer some interesting questions from viewers like you, to teach you about sand, butterflies, and computers!

  • Unpoppable Bubbles!