Active Adventures Season 2

Active Adventures Season 2

12 Episodes

Hey, are you ready for some fun and exciting adventures? Join Bailey and Ariel on their active adventures and get ready to have a blast while also getting stronger and fitter!

Whether it's hiking, boating, swimming or playing games, active adventures are a great way to stay healthy and active. And the best part is that you'll have lots of fun while you're doing it!

By joining Bailey and Ariel on their active adventures, you'll get to challenge yourself and try new things. You'll also develop your strength, stamina, and endurance, which will help you to feel better and more confident in everything you do.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your sneakers and join Bailey and Ariel on their active adventures for some fun and exciting workouts that will make you stronger and healthier!

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Active Adventures Season 2
  • Fitness Warm up!

    Episode 1

    Warming up your body before working out is so important!

    When you warm up, your heart rate and breathing gradually increase, and your muscles start to get warmer and more flexible. This helps to prevent injuries, because your body is better prepared for the movements you're going to do during y...

  • Cars, Bikes, Planes & More

    Episode 2

    Ariel & Bailey are having so much fun pretending to be bikes, cars, planes and more while staying active. Can you pretend with them?

  • Planets

    Episode 3

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to space? Ariel and Bailey are going on an exciting adventure where they visit different planets and do some fun fitness activities. They even learn about the different facts about each planet. Join Ariel and Bailey as they explore the wonders of...

  • Maze game

    Episode 4

    Do you like video games?
    Join this Maze game with Ariel as you do an active adventure while having fun! Make sure to be really quiet past the sleeping animals!

  • Lion Hunt

    Episode 6

    In this video, Ariel and Bailey go on a fun lion hunt adventure! But, there's a catch - they have to go under, over, and through obstacles to find the lion. They want you to join in on the adventure too, but be careful of the lion. Can you help Ariel and Bailey find the lion while overcoming obst...

  • Hiking Fitness adventure!

    Episode 5

    In this fun and educational video for kids, Ariel and Bailey go on a hike and explore the wonders of nature. Along the way, they encounter various insects and learn about their unique characteristics and movements. You will have a blast learning about insects and staying active at the same time. ...

  • Boating Yoga!

    Episode 7

    Come boating with Ariel and Bailey. But... Bailey feels scared and worried! Ariel has an idea to help him feel better. Ariel suggests doing some yoga to calm down their minds and bodies. So, Ariel and Bailey do some fun yoga poses together on the boat! Through yoga, Bailey feels much better and i...

  • Swimming Adventure!

    Episode 8

    Ariel and Bailey are doing exercises while underwater! They're pretending to be sea animals like dolphins, stingrays, and even crabs. It's really cool to see them move their bodies like the creatures that live in the ocean. Swimming and exercising is a great way to stay fit and have fun at the sa...

  • The Floor is LAVA!!

    Episode 9

    Get ready for an epic adventure with Ariel and Bailey as they take on the ultimate challenge: playing the game "The Floor is Lava"! In this exciting video, you'll see Ariel and Bailey leaping and jumping from one piece of furniture to the next, as they try to avoid falling into the "lava" on the ...

  • Baking Fitness

    Episode 10

    In this fun and engaging video, Ariel and Bailey are on a mission to make a pretend cake and they need your help! Join them as they take you through each step of the process, from gathering the ingredients to mixing and baking. But there's a catch: to make their pretend cake as realistic as possi...

  • Pirate Fitness Adventure!

    Episode 10

    Ahoy, young adventurers! Get ready to set sail on a thrilling pirate journey with Ariel and Bailey, two courageous pirates on their magnificent pirate ship! But hold on tight, because this isn't just any ordinary treasure hunt. In order to find the hidden treasures, Ariel and Bailey need your hel...

  • Treasure Hunt Fitness Adventure!

    Episode 11

    Ahoy, young adventurers! Get ready to set sail on another thrilling pirate adventure with Ariel and Bailey, the courageous and mighty pirates! In this exciting sequel to their previous video, our intrepid pirates have grown stronger and more determined than ever before. They are all set to embark...