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Watch this video and more on My Signing Time

Active Adventures Season 2

Hiking Fitness adventure!

3m 36s

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    Come boating with Ariel and Bailey. But... Bailey feels scared and worried! Ariel has an idea to help him feel better. Ariel suggests doing some yoga to calm down their minds and bodies. So, Ariel and Bailey do some fun yoga poses together on the boat! Through yoga, Bailey feels much better and i...

  • Swimming Adventure!

    Ariel and Bailey are doing exercises while underwater! They're pretending to be sea animals like dolphins, stingrays, and even crabs. It's really cool to see them move their bodies like the creatures that live in the ocean. Swimming and exercising is a great way to stay fit and have fun at the sa...

  • The Floor is LAVA!!

    Get ready for an epic adventure with Ariel and Bailey as they take on the ultimate challenge: playing the game "The Floor is Lava"! In this exciting video, you'll see Ariel and Bailey leaping and jumping from one piece of furniture to the next, as they try to avoid falling into the "lava" on the ...