Previews of each of our products.

  • ABC Signs - Auslan

    Join Emma Memma as she sings and signs the ABCs in Auslan (Australian Sign Language).

  • The Pets I Love | Music Video

    Sing and Sign along with the Sign Post kids with this fun original song from Baby Signing Time!

  • Mr Sun | Sing & Sign

    Come sing and sign with the Mother Goose Club and this fun song!

  • The Baby Signing Time Story

    Rachel Coleman talks about how Leah, who was born deaf, learned to communicate much better than her peers. Baby Alex, at 9 months of age, began communicating through signs. Rachel and Emilie, Rachel's sister, realized what a breakthrough they had discovered when you use sign language with babies,...

  • Lion Hunt

    In this video, Ariel and Bailey go on a fun lion hunt adventure! But, there's a catch - they have to go under, over, and through obstacles to find the lion. They want you to join in on the adventure too, but be careful of the lion. Can you help Ariel and Bailey find the lion while overcoming obst...

  • Wheels on the Bus

    Blast off into a universe of learning and fun with our "Wheels on the Bus & Phonics in Space" video! Don't forget to sing, sign and dance along.

  • Sing With Your Kids

  • Photosynthesis

    Learn all about Photosynthesis with this fun song featuring Penny, Simon, Bongo and Tomas from the TreeSchoolers. Don't forget to Sing, Sign and dance along!

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  • Learn to Draw Bluey | Bailey's Art Hub for Kids

    You can pause the video, take your time, or make it a challenge and try to draw as fast as Bailey. Learning new things can be so much fun! Improve your drawing skills with Bailey's help and remember, it's okay to make mistakes!

  • TreeSchoolers Phonetica MNO

    In this episode, the Letterfly bugs teach the letter sounds for M, N, and O.

    Abigail Nightingale teaches Hue how to sing letter sounds. It's a fun time you won't want to miss!

  • Potty Time - Look at You Grow

  • Nursery Rhymes

    Sign and sing along Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman, from the award winning Signing Time television series. Giggle with animated Alex, Leah, and Hopkins! Sign language brings whole-body learning and fun to classic nursery rhymes, including: -The Farmer in The Dell -Five Little Ducks -Hey Diddl...

  • Garden Yoga

    Ariel is so excited to have you join her in this awesome Garden Yoga adventure!

  • Art Time at the TreeSchool | Abigail Nightingale

    Great Artist Mom, Laurie White, teaches you how to draw Abigail Nightingale from Rachel & the TreeSchoolers. Learn drawing tips and tricks and see how easy it is to draw your favorite TreeSchoolers characters. You are an artist! Link to How to Draw Birds that the Great Artist Mom talks about in t...