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Watch this video and more on My Signing Time

Watch this video and more on My Signing Time

My First Signs (English)


Up Next in Signing Time Season 1

  • Everyday Signs (English)

    Ep. 3 Video: Everyday Signs (English)
    Note: You will see two separate videos in your library for this item, English and Spanish.

    Learn everyday American Sign Language (ASL) signs for the things you see, do and experience every day.

    ASL Signs: Hungry - Apple - Cookie - Cereal - ...

  • Family, Feelings, and Fun

    Ep. 4 Video: Family, Feelings & Fun
    Alex, Leah, and host Rachel Coleman teach your child useful ASL signs for family members, feelings and more!

    ASL Signs: Home - Family - Brother - Sister - Son - Daughter - Uncle - Aunt - Cousin - Tree - Wind - Leaf - Grass - Cloud - Rain - Snow - Coat - B...

  • ABC Signs

    Ep. 5 Video: ABC Signs
    Alex, Leah, their frog Hopkins, and host Rachel Coleman teach the alphabet in American Sign Language. Created for ages 1-8 but enjoyed by all!

    Original Songs by Rachel Coleman

    Signing Time Theme
    A is for Alex and Alligator
    Lonely Letter X
    ASL Signs
    A - B - C - D - E ...