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  • Baby Signing Time, Potty Time, & Nursery Rhymes

    4 seasons

    Baby Signing Time combines clever songs, animation, and real signing babies - all age two and under - to make signing easy and fun. This video sets your baby’s day to music as you learn signs for everyday events in baby’s life: eating, family, pets, and more.

    ASL Signs in this Episode
    ​Eat - ...

  • Treeschoolers Sing & Sign

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  • Potty Time Complete Collection

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    Potty Time Complete Collection
    Potty Time teaches the potty routine along with signs that children of any age can use to talk about growing up, using the potty, and celebrating successes of all kinds. Signs are especially useful for potty training infants and toddlers. Potty Time helps children f...

  • Signing Time Complete Collection

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    Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman and a cast of real kids and animated characters will help your child fall in love with learning! Includes Season One, Season Two, Signing Time Christmas and Signing Time Sentences, and more!


    Signing Time Season One: My First Signs
    Signing Time Season On...

  • Signing Time Sentences Video Collection

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    Learn American Sign Language! With Signing Time Sentences, your child will learn how to put ASL signs together to start having their first conversations in ASL. Set includes:

    Ep. 1 - Getting Started - Learn greetings, introductions, questions, numbers, letters, and fingerspelling.

    Ep. 2 - Going...

  • NEW Baby Signing Time Music Videos

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  • Fairytale Signing Time

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  • Nursery Rhymes

    Sign and sing along Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman, from the award winning Signing Time television series. Giggle with animated Alex, Leah, and Hopkins! Sign language brings whole-body learning and fun to classic nursery rhymes, including: -The Farmer in The Dell -Five Little Ducks -Hey Diddl...

  • Signing Time Sentences

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    Signing Time Sentences teaches beginning ASL to kids ages 4 and up. Alex, Leah, Rachel, and Hopkins the Frog are back! Signing Time Sentences builds upon the one thousand vocabulary words taught in the original Signing Time series. Learn how to put signs together in sentences with ASL grammar. Th...

  • Rachel & the TreeSchoolers

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    TreeSchoolers Science Complete Collection
    Learn science through songs and signs! This multi-sensory program includes digital videos, MP3 music albums and activity guides for parents and teachers.

    A RAINY DAY teaches weather concepts and the importance of never giving up.

  • Sign It ASL Videos

    1 season

    Watch the videos from our popular online course, Sign It! ASL Made easy. View the full course at
    Sign It ASL is an online course that teaches American Sign Language (ASL) to children, teens, and adults. Your family can start learning ASL today with the expertise and comedy of A...

  • Bebê, Hora dos Sinais! | Baby Signing Time Brazil Series

    1 season

    Bebê, Hora dos Sinais! combina música inteligente, animação e bebês reais - todos com até 3 anos de idade - para tornar o aprendizado dos sinais fácil e divertido.

  • Here I Go | Music Video

  • Emma Memma - Auslan

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