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  • You Are What You Eat! | SciShow Kids Compilation

    Join Jessi and Squeaks as they prepare a special meal for friends. You’ll learn some fun food science facts, like the difference between fruits and veggies and how your tongue works so you can taste food!

    In this engaging and educational video, discover the wonders of nature's colorful bounty....

  • Why Do We Get Sick? | SciShow Kids Compilation

    Getting a cold or flu can be sort of scary. But sometimes the more you know about something, the less scary it is!

    Join Jessi as she embarks on an educational adventure to uncover the mysteries behind why we get sick. Today, her loyal friend Squeaks isn't feeling well, and Jessi is determined t...

  • Happy Earth Day! | SciShow Kids Compilation

    Join Jessi and Squeaks as they talk about some things you can do to make the earth a better place!

  • Getting Ready for the Eclipse! | SciShow Kids Compilation

    Jessi and Squeaks are really excited about the total solar eclipse, so they're revisiting all the amazing things they've learned about the sun, the moon, and how eclipses happen!

  • Summer Fun Science | SciShow Kids Compilation

    The sun is out and Jessi and Squeaks are ready to perform all kinds of fun outdoor science experiments! Let's take a look at some of the fun activities they've done before, like making a kite, building a solar tower, blowing bubbles, and of course, making ice cream!

  • Let's Explore Space! | SciShow Kids Compilation

    It's a big day for Jessi and Squeaks because they've finally finished their brand new observatory! Join them as they try out their new telescope and take a look back at a compilation of everything we've learned about space so far!

  • Explore the Fort! | SciShow Kids Compilation

    Welcome back to the Fort! There's always a lot going on around here, so feel free to take a look around, say hello to all of our friends, and have fun watching some of their favorite videos! See you again soon!

  • Squeaks Takes a Hike! SciShow Kids Compilation

    It's a beautiful day, so Squeaks is going to go on a hike! And he's bringing his trusty field journal so he can take notes on all of the plants and animals he sees along the way!

  • Squeaks Gets Scared! SciShow Kids Compilation

    There's a big thunderstorm happening where Squeaks lives, and it's making the Fort kind of creepy...
    Join Squeaks as he faces his fears and learns more about the things that scare him!

  • Squeaks Loves Music! SciShow Kids Compilation

    Sometimes, Squeaks needs to recharge his batteries. And when he does, he hangs out in his room and listens to his favorite music!

  • 4 Amazing Science Experiments for a Day Inside | SciShow Kids Compilation

    Squeaks is very bored, so he shows Mister Brown some of his favorite rainy day experiments!

  • The Wonderful World of Plants! | SciShow Kids Compilation

    Plants are AMAZING! Join Squeaks and Mister Brown as they talk about the adventures they've had in the fort's garden, and beyond!

  • From Seasons to Salmon: All About Cycles! | SciShow Kids Compilation

    Mister Brown and Squeaks are learning all about different cycles, or patterns, as they get ready for summer!

  • Animal Guessing Game! | SciShow Kids Compilation

    Squeaks and Jessi are spending the afternoon playing "Guess That Animal" and learning about some of their favorites!

  • Amazing Scientist Story Time! | SciShow Kids Compilation

    Squeaks is feeling a little wired and needs some story time to get sleepy this evening, so Jessi is showing him some videos about amazing scientists from history!

  • Back To School

    There’s all sorts of weather out there, so Squeaks and Mister Brown are playing a game show where they will learn all about the different types!

  • Can You Guess the Emotions

    We have so many different emotions that pop up from time to time, so Squeaks and Jessi are playing a guessing game while they watch videos that remind them why we have certain emotions!

  • We Love Cats and Dogs!

    Anthony and Squeaks are spending the day watching videos all about cats and dogs of all varieties and they’re learning all sorts of interesting things along the way!

  • Can You Guess the Weather? | Weather Guessing Game

    There’s all sorts of weather out there, so Squeaks and Mister Brown are playing a game show where they will learn all about the different types!

  • Art Day!

    Squeaks and Jessi are spending the day making art and revisiting some videos to help them remember all the different ways they can do it!

  • How Do Pollinators Help Plants Grow?

    Summer is nearly here, and that means Squeaks and Jessi will be spending lots of time playing with dirt in the garden! But it won’t just be those two out there making their garden grow big and beautiful. They’ll be getting help from lots of pollinators as well!

  • The Time Machine! | SciShow Kids Compilation

    Squeaks is feeling nostalgic today, so he and Jessi are revisiting times in the past that he had tons of fun with all his friends at The Fort!

  • Bird Watching! | SciShow Kids Compilation

    Squeaks and Mr. Brown saw some really cool birds while they were birdwatching at The Fort, so they’re revisiting old videos to remind themselves about a bunch of really cool birds!

  • Can You Guess the Animal? | SciShow Kids Compilation

    Squeaks is teaching Mr. Brown the animal guessing game he played with Jessi so they can spend the afternoon playing it together and learning about a bunch of other cool animals!