Rachel & the TreeSchoolers Video Playlist

TreeSchoolers teaches science through songs and signs. You'll never realize you are learning!

  • A Rainy Day

    TreeSchoolers Ep. 1: A Rainy Day
    Rain interrupts the TreeSchooler’s plans to play outside. The lightning and thunder scare Abacus Finch. Rachel and the TreeSchoolers show Abacus that understanding something can make it less scary. Along the way, Rachel and her TreeSchooler friends explore questi...

  • Plants and Flowers

    TreeSchoolers Ep. 2: Plants & Flowers
    Rachel and the TreeSchoolers are getting ready for the Flower Fair, but first they need to help Bongo learn more about flowers so he can pick out his favorite for the fair. Along the way they work together to answer questions such as:

    How do plants grow?

  • Incredible Insects

    TreeSchoolers Ep. 3: Incredible Insects
    Firefly Hue helps the TreeSchoolers learn about all the ways that insects are incredible, but he’s still feeling small. Together Rachel, Hue and their TreeSchooler friends learn about insects – and how even small things can have a really important purpose ...

  • Awesome Animals

    TreeSchoolers Ep. 4: Awesome Animals
    There’s a talent show at the TreeSchool, but Penny isn’t sure what her talent is! As Rachel helps the TreeSchoolers learn about all of the awesome things animals can do, Penny discovers what makes her truly special. In this episode Rachel helps the TreeSchool...

  • The Amazing Human Body

    TreeSchoolers Ep. 5: The Amazing Human Body
    Convinced that they’ve never met a human, the TreeSchoolers set out to discover what human bodies do and how they work, inside and out. As they learn about what makes humans special, they start to wonder: Could their friend Rachel actually be…a human? T...

  • Happy, Healthy Me

    TreeSchoolers Ep 6: Happy, Healthy Me
    Abigail Finch has an important recital coming up, but she’s feeling sick! The TreeSchoolers set out to learn why bodies sometimes get sick and what we can do to keep our bodies strong and healthy. Will Abigail get better in time for the recital?

    Happy, Healt...

  • Scientific Reasoning

    TreeSchoolers Ep. 7: Scientific Reasoning - Songs
    These catchy original songs help children learn concepts in a way they’ll never forget. These MP3s will teach your child about the Scientific Reasoning Cycle and the properties of air, water, and light. Features 8 original songs written by Rachel ...

  • Extraordinary Earth

    TreeSchoolers Ep. 8: Extraordinary Earth - Video
    Rachel and her TreeSchooler friends discover that there are lots of things they can do to take care of our planet. This episode introduces the vocabulary (and ASL signs) for these essential Earth science concepts:

    Earth - world - continents - Nor...

  • Our Solar System

    TreeSchoolers Ep. 9: Our Solar System - Video
    Help Simon solve the Mystery of the Missing Moon and learn about the sun, moon, stars, planets, and scientists whose questions and curiosity led to important discoveries about our universe. This episode introduces the vocabulary (and ASL signs) for t...