Rachel & the TreeSchoolers

Rachel & the TreeSchoolers

31 Episodes

TreeSchoolers Science Complete Collection
Learn science through songs and signs! This multi-sensory program includes digital videos, MP3 music albums and activity guides for parents and teachers.

A RAINY DAY teaches weather concepts and the importance of never giving up.
PLANTS AND FLOWERS teaches how plants grow and the value of working together.
INCREDIBLE INSECTS explores how even small things can be really important!
AWESOME ANIMALS shows how all animals (and people) have unique talents.
THE AMAZING HUMAN BODY teaches how human bodies work, inside and out.
HAPPY, HEALTHY ME teaches kids how to keep their bodies healthy and safe.
SCIENTIFIC REASONING teaches the steps of the Scientific Reasoning Cyce.
EXTRAORDINARY EARTH teaches about continents, seasons, and convervation.
OUR SOLAR SYSTEM teaches about the sun, moon, stars, planets, and more!

Rachel & the TreeSchoolers:

Prepares your child for kindergarten
Teaches essential academic concepts
Teaches children HOW to learn
Teaches social skills and values
Physically engages kids in learning

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Rachel & the TreeSchoolers