Mother Goose Club

Mother Goose Club

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Mother Goose Club
  • A Day At The Beach

    Do you love going to the beach with your friends and family? Swim on over to enjoy a day at the beach with Mother Goose Club!

  • Bingo

    The Mother Goose Club team is looking for Bingo the dog. Can you help them find Bingo? Don't forget to sing along!

  • ABC Song

    Learn the ABC's the Mother Goose club!

  • A is for Alphabet

    Come sing along and learn the Alphabet!

  • Alice the Camel

    Can you count how many humps Alice the Camel has? Join Baa Baa on this fun adventure!

  • Baa Baa Baa Sheep

    Baa Baa is getting a haircut! Sing along with Baa Baa Baa Sheep while she gets her hair cut!

  • Bluesy ABC

    The Mother Goose Club sing the alphabet song with silly actions and colorful visuals that make learning fun and easy. So come sing along with Mother Goose Club and get ready to know your ABC's in no time!

  • Clap Your Hands

    Clap Your Hands is a fun and energetic song by Mother Goose Club! In this video, you'll want to singing and dancing to the beat. Clap your hands, tap your feet, and move your body along with the music. The catchy tune and playful lyrics will have you smiling and singing along in no time. So get r...

  • Brush Your Teeth

    When you brush your teeth, you clean them and keep them healthy. Brushing your teeth helps prevent cavities and keeps your breath fresh. It's important to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time.

    So, let's sing and dance along with Mother Goose Club and remember to brush our teeth...

  • Count With Me

    Count with Me is a catchy song that helps kids learn how to count! They count all sorts of things, like unicorns and bicycles. The video is full of colorful animations and cute characters, and it's a great way for kids to practice their counting skills while having fun! So come on and join the Mo...

  • Counting One to Ten

    The Mother Goose Club is having a party and they need your help to make sure they have 10 of every vegetable. In this video, they sing a fun song called "Count One to Ten" while they count all the different types of vegetables they need for their party. You can sing along with them and practice c...

  • Day-O

    The Mother Goose Club has a lot of bananas and they need to count them all. They decide to have the Tally man count them all. So, they sing a fun song called Day-O about the Tally man counting the Bananas. Don't forget to dance and sing along to this fun song!

  • Dinosaur Stomp

    Get ready to travel back in time to the land of the dinosaurs with the Mother Goose Club! In this fun-filled video, you'll sing and learn alongside your favorite Mother Goose characters as they explore dinosaurs!

    With catchy tunes and adorable animations, you'll discover just how dinosaurs crunc...

  • Driving in My Car with Mary

    Get ready to hit the road with Mary from Mother Goose Club! She's revved up and ready to go on a ride in her trusty car. But before you join her on this exciting adventure, make sure to buckle up and get ready for some fun.

    As Mary takes the wheel, she starts singing a catchy tune about driving ...

  • Down by the Bay

    Join the Mother Goose Club on a wild adventure to explore the wacky world of "Down by the Bay"! Mother Goose Club is on a mission to discover all the wondrous creatures and hilarious sights that await them. With their infectious energy and catchy tunes, they'll have you tapping your toes and sing...

  • Five Little Monkeys

    Get ready to swing, jump, and sing along with Mother Goose Club as they bring the classic nursery rhyme "Five Little Monkeys" to life! These cute and cuddly primates are ready to get into all sorts of mischief, and you'll be tapping your toes and giggling along with every silly twist and turn of ...

  • Earth Is Our Home

    In this video, we join Eep on his exciting journey as he shares some amazing photos from his trip. From towering mountains to glittering oceans, Eep has seen it all, and he can't wait to show you.

    But that's not all - the Mother Goose club is here to teach us an important lesson about our planet...

  • Eight Planets

    Welcome to the Mother Goose Club's interstellar adventure! Strap in and get ready to blast off as we journey through our solar system and explore each of its magnificent planets.

    Join Mother Goose Club as they sing and dance their way through space, learning all about the unique characteristics ...

  • Fooba Wooba

    Join Mother Goose Club, where imagination knows no bounds! In this video, our playful friends from Mother Goose Club take you on a journey full of fun and imagination.

    Sing along with us and let your imagination run wild as we embark on this adventure together. With each verse, the Mother Goose ...

  • Freight Train

    Get ready for a musical adventure like no other with the Mother Goose Club! In this exciting video, the Mother Goose Club takes you on a ride on a freight train as they sing their catchy tune "Freight Train".

    The train is waiting at the station, and it's time to board! As the train begins to chu...

  • Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

    Welcome to the delightful world of Mother Goose Club! In this video, the Mother Goose Club is singing and dancing along to the classic children's song, "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes".

    As the music begins, get ready to join in the fun and sing and dance along with them. The catchy tune and pl...

  • Hello Friend

    Welcome to the Mother Goose Club, where the fun never ends! In this video, the club is excited to sing their song "Hello Friend" and invites everyone to be their friend.

    The Mother Goose Club has so many fun ideas for activities that they can do together with their new friends. They suggest bui...

  • Hickory Dickory Dock

    Are you ready for some musical fun with the Mother Goose Club? Join us as we sing and dance along to the classic nursery rhyme, "Hickory Dickory Dock"!

    In this video, Mother Goose Club leads you through the song with their silly antics and catchy tunes that will have you tapping your feet in no ...

  • Here We Go Looby Loo

    Get ready for a fun-filled musical adventure with the Mother Goose Club! In this video, the beloved characters are all dressed up and ready to attend a party, but there's just one problem - they don't know who the party is for! That's where the classic nursery rhyme "Here We Go Looby Loo" comes i...