Active Adventures Season 2

Active Adventures Season 2

Ariel & Bailey love to have fun while getting strong and healthy. When you join them on these adventures, you'll get to run, jump, and play too! These fun workouts will make you stronger and help you feel great. So come along and join the adventure!

Active Adventures Season 2
  • Active Adventures Season 2

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    Hey, are you ready for some fun and exciting adventures? Join Bailey and Ariel on their active adventures and get ready to have a blast while also getting stronger and fitter!

    Whether it's hiking, boating, swimming or playing games, active adventures are a great way to stay healthy and active. A...

  • Cars, Bikes, Planes & More

    Ariel & Bailey are having so much fun pretending to be bikes, cars, planes and more while staying active. Can you pretend with them?

  • Planets

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to space? Ariel and Bailey are going on an exciting adventure where they visit different planets and do some fun fitness activities. They even learn about the different facts about each planet. Join Ariel and Bailey as they explore the wonders of...