Baby Joy Joy Video Playlist

Sing and sign your favorite nursery rhymes with a live interpreter. The second series of Baby Joy Joy teaches the alphabet with upper and lower case letters, along with their sounds in a fun sing-a-long. Enjoy catchy music and adorable animation, making this a fun (and educational) experience for all!

  • The Bath Time Song

    Oh, no! Baby Joy Joy and Ivy got really messy playing outside, now it's time for a bath.

  • Making Friends

    Oh, no! Somebody is sad! What can we do? Maybe we can make new friends!
    Watch as Baby Joy Joy makes new friends and see if these are things you can do too!

  • The Clean Up Song

    The Clean Up Song with Baby Joy Joy

    Play play, play with your toys, all the happy girls and boys!
    Play time is so much fun! Make it clean when you are done.

    Play with toys! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
    Play with toys!
    Make a mess! No, no, no, no, no
    Make a mess!

    Reading is so much fun! Learning, ...

  • Baby Joy Joy

    2 seasons

    Millions of families are loving the YouTube animated hit, Baby Joy Joy.

    In the Sing & Sign videos, join Baby Joy Joy and friends in your favorite nursery rhymes. Watch Alexandria Wailes, deaf actress, dancer, and educator as she interprets the videos in American Sign Language. Watch and learn a...